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"Right at the centre of everything a giant endless maze of knowledge surrounded the Immortal Tree.
Source of unknown power, believed to be t
he very heart of the cosmos.
Protector of the past, present and future."


Axis Mundi is a unique 1/1 NFT with great power..

Thanks to custom smart contracts, the owner becomes "The Librarian" in Le Anime universe, with complete control over the Library, a compendium of community written lore.

The Librarian can open and close the Library at will, dictating when the community can add lore to their Heroes. This active role is optional and not required.

A forever on-chain collection of lore, written by my holders, making it a collaboration between the art, the owners and the collectors.

Community Lore page:

NFT Link:

Edition: 1/1

Medium: Mp4
Dimensions: 2160x2700px
File Size: 48mb
Contract Address:
Token Standard: ERC-721
Blockchain: Ethereum

toomuchlag_Axis Mundi_JPG.jpg
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